What Is Isagenix?

 While perusing our website, you might wonder what exactly you’re looking into. What do the Isagenix Products contain? What are they? Will they harm your body? Are they effective?

Firstly, you must know that all Isagenix products are actually ALL FOOD.

  • Isagenix is a natural, gentle nutritional cleansing system that flushes out all the impurities accumulated in your body.
  • Nutritional Cleansing helps your body attain a natural balance and that can lead to optimal health.
  • It is an all natural product and doesn’t have any artificial flavours, colours, sweeteners or fillers. It also uses high quality ingredients that wouldn’t harm your body.
  • It helps to alkalize the body.
  • It is not necessarily a weight loss product. With a cleanse, you flush out all impurities so any excess fluid and fat stored in the body is removed. If you don’t have excess impurities or fat, you’re not going to lose weight. The product can be used by people of healthy weight as well.
  • There are many athletes around the world who use our products to increase their body’s overall They use it so they can maintain an optimal physical condition. Athletes such as such as Jana Pittman (Australian Hurdler) and Natalie Cook (Australian Volleyball player) use it to great effect.
  • The IsaLean shakes are used in some hospitals to boost immunity in cancer patients.
  • Some but not all products can be consumed by children, pregnant or breast feeding women. Please refer to FAQs for further information.

The Isagenix products are for those people who want to look better, feel better, sleep better and age in a graceful, healthy manner. It can be a great tool to help you get rid to stress and fatigue. The ultimate goal of our product is to ensure that your body is in harmony with your mind and all impurities and the unhealthy compounds in your body are eliminated. The aim is to take the body away from a acidic state to an alkaline state and to reduce inflammation.

With our products, you boost the metabolism, the immune system and feel the light and clean feeling that comes with a cleanse.

Please bear in mind that Isagenix System isn’t a Quick-Fix fad diet. It is a lifestyle change that puts you on a road to healthy living. Unlike other traditional diets, the Isagenix system is easy to follow and stick to.

You can contact us for more information or for help to plan a perfect Isagenix system for you.