After 15 full years of going to the gym and paying fitness trainers $110 / week, going to naturopaths and paying $800 / month for herbal programs, going on Dr Cohen’s eating plan and constant 12 week challenges (some of them winning) I never found a sustainable program that suited myself and my family… In the day 1 pic, I was size 18.

I own my own financial planning business with more than 200 clients… I have two kids, a supportive husband and a property with horses… Life sounds good?

Well, I was stressed out, lacking sleep, terrible skin, had a failing liver with a high elevated count, always felt bloated, had heartburn, was lethargic, felt grumpy with my kids and lacked concentration… I was a mess.. My friend of more than 20 years Kylie Donaldson introduced me to Isagenix… I was a skeptic for about 12 months.. I looked into everything, and was suspect because of the so called ‘pyramid’ and ‘selling’ that seemed to be involved… I have never been so wrong in my life! The program is hard not to ‘share’… And that is where the perception comes from – you feel that good that you want to talk and share about it!!!

I commenced in early 2014 and that year have transformed myself and my family. I sleep wonderfully… I seem to handle stressful situations much more easy and my children have said that I am much happier… My world has become more positive and I wish I had started 12 months earlier and joined this wonderful program… I lost 9.5 kgs in 30 days no exercise… I lost 22 kgs in 90 days no exercise… And the reason no exercise is that I wanted to feel my body change and the affects that were taking place… My skin seems much more clear and my concentration is amazing…

I would strongly recommend anyone considering changing their life from a nutritional point of view… This program is just extra nutrition that the food you buy and grow quite simply does not contain… 12 months on, I love who I am… Size 10 and 40 kgs lighter I am changed person… I am now back at the gym, with a like-minded personal trainer who supports my chosen nutritional program – they are hard to find, as these trainers get upset that you are not spending $110 / week using their system which in my opinion simply does not work…

I am now extremely passionate about the program and welcome any questions you may have – good luck!!!!

Kristi M
Forster, NSW

The dream of losing weight and enjoying every moment of my life, seemed impossible. Then I discovered the most amazing products.

After so many diets, detoxes and tablets, I was introduced to nutritional cleansing by a friend……. and my dream became reality.
I experienced an abundance of energy, better sleep, improved mental clarity and of course amazing weight loss.

I released 10kg in the first 30 days and went on to release another 15kg in the next 60 days.
I feel alive for the first time in my life.

I have finally found a system that works.

Nikki N
Forster, NSW