Isagenix Is An Affordable Weight Loss Solution!

Below is a comparison between using the Isagenix range for 2 months and NOT using the Isagenix range. It is based on starting with the President’s Pak and changing to a 30 day Cleanse Pack for the 2nd month. The Presidents Pack has vitamins which will last for the 2 months, thus giving you the full Isagenix nutritional cleanse.

After the 2 months you should have experienced weight loss, improved energy and performance, healthy ageing and a whole body nutritional cleanse.

The figures are based on 2 meals a day that the shakes would replace.


Average cost for 2 months on the Isagenix journey
Month 1Presidents Pack ( with blender)$580
Month 230 Day Cleanse$380
$120 per week
$960 for 2 months
Average cost of eating without Isagenix
2 meals a day at $6 each per day$12
Hot/Cold Beverage or snacks$6
$18 per day
$126 per week
$1008 for 2 months